MotoAI is an award-winning AI technology for GFX in motorsport. Designed from the ground up with extreme passion and attention to detail. It is trusted by the biggest names in motorsport broadcasting.

The technology consists of object detection, car recognition, 3D object tracking, 3D camera tracking, online camera calibration, automatic cut detection, ability to track through occlusions such as bridges and trees, connection to timing and telemetry data points, 3D effect rendering, SDI connectivity at HD1080 50fps. Tech can run in fully automatic mode, or be controlled by an operator to emphasise transition effects.

Timeline and awards:

2015 Started developing a new kind of 3D tracker

2017 First demo at ICCV conference

2017 Awarded by NVIDIA in Inception Progrmam Contest

2020 Awarded by Unreal Engine in MegaGrants

2021 Used in live production (onboard)

2022 Used in live production (onboard)

2023 Used in live production (onboard)

2023 First live use on helicopter shots, contributing to the "Sports Production of the Year 2023" award.

The technology is in constant development and I always look forward for new challenges.