MOTO.AI is a stand-alone application for AR graphics in motorsport. At its core, it performs real-time 3D tracking and recognition of fast moving racing cars. Cars are then augmented by 3D labels indicating the driver's name or live speed of the car. The system does not require any hardware sensors or complicated setup. It enables the graphics at a push of a button.

Development of the technology started in 2015 as a specific use-case of TLD3 tracker. Later on, we focused only on the motorsport use case. The initial prototype was demonstrated at ICCV2017 conference. Afterwards, we received MegaGrant from EpicGames which helped us to push the technology into the latest form. Today, MOTO.AI is being used by the most prestigious motor-sport broadcaster out there to augment live races. This keeps us going and pushing the 3D tracking technology into its limits.