TLD Vision is a video tracking company with 6 years of academic and 11 years of
industrial experience. We have developed a range of tracking solutions
starting from 2D trackers for drones, up to sophisticated 3D trackers for live
TV graphics. In all cases, the underlying principle is based on the TLD
technology, which has the unique ability to learn and improve over time. TLD
technology received several prestigious awards:

| Year | Technology                | Award                                 | 
| 2011 | TLD2, general tracking    | ICT Pioneers Prize                    |
| 2017 | TLD3, head tracking       | Inception Program Contest from NVIDIA |
| 2020 | motoAI                    | Epic MegaGrants from Unreal Engine    |

The company was founded by Dr. Zdenek Kalal in 2011 after a world-wide
recognition of his PhD thesis. He is considered an expert in the field of
object tracking and actively participates as a reviewer in scientific