We are looking for interns. The following positions are currently available. Exceptional interns will be offered a full-time position and percentage from company profits.

Visual tracking researcher

Your will be working with our core TLD2.x technology and developing it further. Your responsibilities will be to evaluate modern tracking approaches, integrate some of them into our system, and systematically run evaluations on tracking benchmarks. This position requires knowledge of on-line tracking algorithms, C++, OpenCV, and Git. A big plus is experience with Android NDK and cross-compilation for embedded platforms.

3D graphics developer

Your goal will be to bring latest methods into our real-time simulation engine. Your work will provide training data to train neural netowrks as well as user interface for AR applications. This position requires experience with OpenGL, GLFW, GLM and OpenGL-CUDA interoperability. Experience Bulled Physics library is advantage. In case you are building your own engine from scratch, you are the one!

Deep learning researcher

You will be working with our custom neural network and perform gradient descent steps to keep it in line with advancing state-of-the-art. This position requires good knowledge of DNN architectures (GAN, RNN), C++ and CUDA. Interest in 3D graphics and OpenCL is advantage. This position does not require any experience with general frameworks (Darknet, Caffe, TensorFlow).

Android developer

Your task will be to build AR demo application using TLD3.0 technology. This position requires experience with Android NDK and OpenGL programming. Experience with Android NDK API is a must in particular the Camera, NeuralNetwork, and SurfaceTexture modules. Experience with OpenCV is a plus.

VR developer

Your task will be to build VR demo application using TLD3.0 technology which will be running on HTC Vive. This position requires experience with OpenVR, OpenGL, and OpenAL. Experience with game engines such as UE4 is advantage.

UX designer

Your task will be to design proposal for Formula 1 Innovation Prize 2019 based on TLD3.0 technology. This position assumes that you have passion for new technology and always search for new market opportunities. You position must combine visionary approach with current technology constraints. No programming experience is required for this position but is considered as significant plus.

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